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A little love

Romance is an interesting thing.  It’s different for everyone.  Sure, hearts and flowers is the most known about form of romance but the romance that gets to you is the personal stuff.  It’s the person who writes a little note for you to find at an unexpected because they know it will cheer you up.  It’s that little smile of knowing when you reach for their hand.  It’s all the little things that make up the big sweep up into heaven if only for a few minutes.

Writing romance seems to be easy. Boy meets girl and all that stuff but the romance of why they stay together is tricky.  Whether they stay together a few weeks or a few decades the romance of what keeps them together  is what keeps us coming back for more.

I have the pleasure of having been married now for ten years.  The romance of seeing my husband play games with our child keeps me happy, it keeps me coming back for more.  Waking up to breakfast in bed or just getting an extra lie-in keeps me coming back.  It’s these things that we need to remember when we are writing romance.  Yes, put in the hearts and flowers but remember that to keep coming back its the little things that really matter.


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Im a writer, just getting through the days one page at a time.


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