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Reading leads to writing

I love to read.  I know that’s probably not surprising.  I am a writer after all, where would I learn my craft if I don’t read.  I have always loved to read. I learned to read at a very young age.  My parents borrowed reading books from my older sisters’ school for me to read.  They encouraged me and opened up my eyes to the world of reading and I have loved it.

Now I like to read a few genres and I have a few authors that I read as much as possible.  And that informs by writing.  I like to read Nora Roberts and John Grisham.  I like to read fantasy and paranormal books.  I also like to read crime novels as well.  Patricia Cornwell and Kathy Reichs are two of my favourites as well.

So I end up writing Paranormal Romance with a touch of the thriller.  Usually there is the boy meets girl (or in my case normally girl meets boy but that’s another post) but then there is an element of danger to one or both parties.  My most recent WiP has witches and witch-hunters falling in love and learning to work together to defeat a common enemy.  It takes both of them to defeat the bad guy.

So there you see it.  What I love to read and what I love to write go hand in hand, all the way to the happy ending.

Oh, and I found a Nora Roberts I hadn’t read the other day.  I think I actually made a ‘Squee’ sound out loud. 🙂


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