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Expect the unexpected?

It’s been an interesting week Chez Moi and I thought I would just do a little recap for my own benefit really.  Several ‘firsts’ have happened both in writing and in ‘real’ life.

Firstly, I submitted my work to a competition.  It’s not national or anything but there is a small possibility of publishing (if I get through this stage) and people I don’t know will read my work.  I’ve found it interesting that it’s not the hard work of editing and rewrites that scares me but in fact the idea that other people who don’t know me will see my work.  And judge me.  GULP!  It’s all bit uncomfortable.  I feel a touch vulnerable even.  I was expecting it to be tricky but I didn’t really expect that vaguely nauseated feeling.  I was expecting the excited Oh-My-Gosh I’m-really-doing-this feeling but not the Holy-Crap What-Am-I-Thinking?!? feeling.

Secondly, my little man has had his first tooth pop through at long last.  We have been living with the teething off and on for about four months so it was a relief.  Poor little guy was miserable but still smiley for most of the time throughout the whole thing.  We have more teeth on the way but his is still pretty smiley.  Now again I was sort of expecting the feelings of joy (hurrah, a tooth!) and relief (thank goodness he’s getting somewhere) but I wasn’t expecting the sudden feeling sadness.  I was sad because it meant by little baby was that little bit further along the growing path.  He was that little bit more of little boy and a little bit less a baby.

What I’m saying is that both these things are really good, positive events but they both had unexpected reactions.  It’s worth bearing in mind for when I write.  When the girl meets the guy it might not be all sunshine and roses, there might just be a little bit of sadness too.  I think remembering this will help make my stories a bit more realistic and, hopefully, more believable to my readers.

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4 thoughts on “Expect the unexpected?

  1. Good for you with submitting work. That is something I need to become more serious about. I have two children. My youngest is 5 and he has some teeth loosening on the bottom. While making this discovery, I admitted feeling a bit sad.

    Posted by Kate | 27/01/2012, 9:43 pm
    • Thanks for dropping by Kate. I think those milestones can be a little sad. Good but a little bit sad that our little people are becoming big people. They are a few steps closer to flying away. 🙂

      Posted by Leonie Lucas | 27/01/2012, 10:57 pm


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