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Sex is Fun!

There, I said it!  Now, Mum, if you are reading this.  Stop now!  Look at the kitty instead!

Hi Ma! (Photo credit: Nicolas Esposito)

Right, so, as I was saying, sex is fun.  I think in writing that we can get caught up in the hot stuff and forget that good sex is fun too.  We focus on the intensity and the heat and forget about the laughter that can make it even better.

Laughter is a necessary part of a relationship so, to me, laughter is a necessary part of intimacy.  So I think when we write the sex scenes we should remember the laughter.  The intensity isn’t lost.  In fact, I think it increases in contrast to the laughter.  The pleasure is heightened by the humour.  That warm feeling from fun adds to the pleasure and sensitivity.

Speaking from experience, it really does make it better.  I think we can forget that when we are writing and in doing so we lose an opportunity to create a really memorable scene.  The scenes that I remember most are the ones with humour in them.  The slightly aborted attempt at romance that produces a very successful sex scene.  The scene with a joke that has been running between hero and heroine that culminates in them consummating like bunnies.  Those are the scene that stick out in my mind.  I enjoy the passionate embrace all the more when the hero and heroine have been chuckling scant seconds before; heck, they might be embracing and still chuckling.

You see, emotion is multi-layered.  As I said in my last post even the most brilliant of experiences has unexpected emotions connected with it.  So, yes, sex is passionate and intense but sex is also fun!


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