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Romance Every Day

Romance has been on my mind a lot recently.  Not just thanks to Valentine’s Day but also due to several friends of mine wanting to rekindle the romance in their relationships.  Spring is coming and the renewed energies remind us about the energy we had in our relationships. In the discussions about how to rekindle … Continue reading


A little bit of Romance

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow.  The day of Romance (with a capital R) and flowers.  The day when people buy chocolates by the cartload and wine by the bucket.  I’ve spoken before about romance and I was thinking about my plans with my husband. This last year has seen quite a few upheavals (I just remind … Continue reading

Another quickie

Just running in.  Fitting in writing is tricky right now.  Little man has caught a tummy bug and as first time parents it’s damn scary stuff.  He’s had colds before but not being poorly sick, if you know what I mean. However, I just wanted to really quickly share with you one of the readings … Continue reading

You just have to laugh!

While thinking about my next post, I happened to glance over at my spam filter. And laughed right out loud. The first of those pesky spam comments was an advert for a spam filter plugin. The irony was not lost. Sometimes the Universe just wants to make us laugh.

A brief interlude

It’s one of my writing goals to try to update this here blog at least twice a week.  I prefer to post at least every other day but this week I don’t think that is going to happen. Yes, I know, I should write no matter what but just this week I have a bigger … Continue reading

I do believe in fairies!

Fairies and Magic.  However, my take on these things isn’t necessarily the traditional image.  In my writing, magic is nearly always present along with a healthy sense of romance.  So, why am I obsessed with magic. Magic is that sense of awe and surprise that we have as children.  It’s the sparkle of Christmas morning … Continue reading

Look what I won!