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A brief interlude

It’s one of my writing goals to try to update this here blog at least twice a week.  I prefer to post at least every other day but this week I don’t think that is going to happen.

Yes, I know, I should write no matter what but just this week I have a bigger priority.  My baby boy is having his Naming Ceremony tomorrow.  I have written and planned this ceremony as much as is humanly possible.  Now, I simply have to show up and get it done.  Oh yeah and speak publicly in front of my closest family and friends.  Did I mention I dislike public speaking?  No? Well, I do.  A lot!  I freeze and stutter.  It’s a freaking nightmare.

However, I feel remarkably calm this time.  I think that all this writing practice in a strange way has led to an improved ability with public speaking.  Owning the name ‘Writer’ in public took guts.  I have owned it.  Now, I’m gonna own ‘Speaker’.

What fears has becoming a writer helped you with?

Oh and I will be out of circulation for the weekend, so have a good one!


About Leonie Lucas

Im a writer, just getting through the days one page at a time.


One thought on “A brief interlude

  1. Hope everything went well. Babies are so wonderful. Nothing beats the smell of their heads, does it? Ok, does that make me weird? Maybe I just remember it, because that smell no longer is associated with my teenager’s head…

    Posted by crubin | 04/02/2012, 5:46 pm

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