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A little bit of Romance

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow.  The day of Romance (with a capital R) and flowers.  The day when people buy chocolates by the cartload and wine by the bucket.  I’ve spoken before about romance and I was thinking about my plans with my husband.

This last year has seen quite a few upheavals (I just remind myself it’s all good reference material) and usually hubby and I do the cards and flowers bit but not a lot else.  You see, we do romance a lot anyway (I can’t help myself).  We do the small things like picking up the other’s favourite treat just because we saw it.  This year, we are making a bit more of an effort.  Taking into account small child, we are actually going to make a posh(ish) dinner and have something sparkling with it.  We haven’t remember to get cards with small boy being poorly but we are going to pamper each other.

And that to me is very romantic.  Romance is different for different people.  What is romantic to you?


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One thought on “A little bit of Romance

  1. My husband is likely grateful, as I am not much of a romantic and really don’t pay much attention to Valentine’s Day. But I agree, it is the little things that say romance to me, like when he puts the laundry away or takes my car to get gas. I’ll take that over flowers anyday. Though a little chocolate is always nice 🙂

    Posted by crubin | 14/02/2012, 3:57 am

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